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Visy For a Better World

Visy is powering the circular economy, closing the loop between packaging, recycling and remanufacturing

Over 75 years, we've grown to 7,000 employees and 150 global operations - predominately in Australia and New Zealand. Visy proudly remains an Australian family-owned company.

Visy believes materials are not recycled until they’ve been made into new products. We are using recycled content to power Australia and New Zealand’s food and beverage packaging industry. We manufacture anything from cardboard boxes, water bottles, jam jars and food and beverage cans, all using recycled content.

Visy is Australia’s largest recycling company, and we partner with councils across Australia to process approximately 40 per cent of Australia’s kerbside recycling bins.

Our partnerships with councils and our customers are diverting materials away from landfill, cutting emissions and protecting our precious natural resources. 

Beyond packaging and recycling, we're proud to support our customers by providing integrated solutions for logistics, packaging supplies, point of sale displays and more.


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