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Tumut Kraft Mill

Tumut Kraft mill

Australia's home of sustainable, high-quality kraft paper for domestic and international markets

Our world class pulp and paper mill in Tumut was built, and operates, with the highest sustainability standards. It produces over 680,000 tonnes of high quality kraft paper for domestic and international markets. We use pulp logs and sawmill chips sourced from softwood plantations in southern New South Wales. We supplement woodchips with recycled paper collected from the eastern states of Australia.

Since being built in 2001, expanded in 2010 and upgraded in 2015 we've doubled the mill's production capacity while maintaining our commitment to sustainability. In 2023 we installed a stacker reclaimer to increase wood chip storage at Tumut from six to 22 days, ensuring an even more sustainable softwood forestry industry. 

The onsite cogeneration plant generates renewable heat and electricity from non-recyclable residual waste (including bark and sawmill residues). We generate half of the site’s electricity needs and use the steam to run the plant.

Supporting the region's communities

We play a prominent role in the region and contribute to direct and indirect employment, including suppliers. Our business represents more than 20% of the local gross regional product in Tumut. Our two-year cadetship employs young people from the local community, providing them with skills and training. 

We are also involved in many social and community initiatives in Tumut and across the surrounding region. Our local Visy Community Consultative Committee includes members from local communities in Tumut, Adelong, Snowy Valleys Council and Snowy Valleys Business Hub. It meets regularly to offer transparent and fair consideration of the requests for funding and sponsorship we receive from the community each year.

Following the bushfires in early ​2020 we worked with forest growers to recover and use fire-damaged wood from the 2019-20 summer bushfires. This sustained mill operations during the wood supply crisis that the bushfires caused and also assisted with forest site preparation for major post-fire plantation. The Pratt Foundation also worked ​with the Foundation for Regional ​and Rural Renewal to administer a fund to support local community recover. 

Committed to sustainably produced paper

Tumut Water

A closed loop for water use

No effluent leaves the site. Excess water from paper production at the mill is purified and used on-site for cooling and to irrigate the farm. In winter, any excess water is stored in an on-site dam, for use in summer.

Soft Wood - Pine forest

Responsibly sourced kraft paper

We're ensuring the fibre in our kraft paper is sourced from responsibly managed softwood plantations. Our international and independent accreditations and certifications demonstrate our commitment to traceable, sustainably sourced fibre.

Pulp and Paper Fibres

Maintaining high environmental standards

We are certified to a range of independent, international standards demonstrating our commitment to a safe working environment, and minimising the impact to the environment and communities in which we operate.

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