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Capabilities and Format

We make our world-leading food grade recycled plastics in a range of shapes and sizes

We make two billion plastic containers and pre-forms each year in a range of shapes and styles. Our extensive plastic moulding and production services offer a wide variety of container sizes, shapes and neck diameters with superior clarity and gloss. From injection moulding to various types of blow moulding (extrusion, PET, PET stretch), we can innovate to meet your needs.

Our plastics comply with the world’s strictest food safety standards – European Food Safety Authority and the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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plastics range

We develop plastics packaging solutions for a wide variety of markets



Non-alcohol: water, CSD,
juice, sports drinks, cordials

Alcohol: beer, wine, spirits



Milk, cream, yoghurt,
ice cream



Sauces, dressings, toppings,
jams and spreads, fruits,
confectionary, snacking



Chemical, agricultural and petrochemical cubes and
jerry cans, dangerous goods
containers, tailored items



Jars, vials and bottles


Non-food and household

Soaps, detergents, personal care, cosmetics products, pet food

Plastic mould production

Injection moulding

We make high quality injection moulded plastics for general food, refrigerated food and non food products. 

Extrusion blow moulding

We provide extensive, scalable and efficient extrusion blow moulding services and machinery lines.

Single stage blow moulding

We make PET single stage blow-moulding for beverages, condiments and automotive liquids.

In-mould labelling

We use in-mould labelling for juice, milk, sauces, fruit, water, dairy, personal care products and infant formula.

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