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Visy Recycling

As Australia’s largest recycler, we know it’s only truly recycled if it’s made into something new

Our commitment to recycling has driven us to close the loop for packaging. We go beyond collecting and sorting recyclable materials like paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals by locally remanufacturing them into new, sustainable packaging. By making new products from old, we’re keeping these materials at their highest and most effective use.  

Our extensive network of recycling operations, including one of Australia’s first and largest materials recovery facility (MRF), is integrated with our manufacturing sites. By doing this, we are ensuring a reliable and robust recycling system residents and businesses can rely on.  

Through our $2 billion investment pledge we are transforming recycling and manufacturing through the latest technology, including Australia’s first drum pulper, cutting-edge optical sorters and clean energy.  

Annually Visy recycling services, utilises and recovers:


Strengthening recycling with government and industry 

Our work with governments and industry to strengthen local recycling is increasing the amount of material we can recover to be remanufactured into new packaging. Recycling isn’t just about landfill avoidance, it’s a weapon against climate change. Over its lifetime, a tonne of paper in landfill emits more greenhouse gas emissions than burning a tonne of coal. 

Card and paper destined for landfill

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