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Capabilities and Formats

Slim, sleek or classic— we have a can for every brand and beverage

We cover the full spectrum of the beverage industry including carbonated soft drinks, beer and cider, alcoholic ready-to-drink, energy drinks and coffee. Proudly crafting cans in classic, slim and sleek—whether you have a premium product or a popular choice for widespread appeal—we have a beverage can that suits your brand.


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Beverage can formats

Slim Bev Cans

Slim cans

Adds a premium look and suits products where portion control is important such as carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages including wine, and tea and coffee.

Available in:

Sleek Bev Cans

Sleek cans

The slender design gives a modern look to sophisticated beverages and are gaining popularity in health and wellness brands.​

Available in:



Classic Bev Cans

Classic cans

A​ popular choice for carbonated soft drinks, beer, cider, flavoured water and pre-mixed spirits.​

Available in:


Ink formats


Glow inks absorb light and emit a soft, luminous glow, adding an enchanting and captivating element to printed designs.


Fluorescent inks emit vibrant, glowing colours under UV light, making designs pop and enhancing visibility in specific environments.


Photochromic inks change colour in response to light exposure, offering dynamic and captivating visual transformations.


Discover our thermochromic inks that transform colour with temperature shifts, unveiling brand elements and messages in an engaging way.

Custom finishes

Gloss Aluminium Finish


  • High end print finish
  • Classic look
  • Up to 8 colours
  • ​​​​​​​Cost effective
Matte Aluminium Finish


  • Low-sheen look/high-end feel
  • Achieve cut through, contrasting with conventional gloss inks
  • Rough matte lacquer - premium finish
Sparkle Aluminium Finish


  • Glitter and gleam with Visy’s ‘sparkle’ print technology
  • Spectacular refracted light effect transforms your brand
Tactile Aluminium Finish


  • Create a unique sensory feel with tactile varnishes
  • Transform a simple pack into a textural experience
  • Highlight design elements for added impact

Beverage can ends

Bev Can 200 Ends

200 ends

  • Standard and large opening

Bev Cans 202 Ends

202 ends

  • Range of coloured end and tab combinations
  • Highlight promotions with creative treatments
  • Incise or cut out a logo or design for a unique look


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