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Visy Food cans

We make over 90% of all Australian-made food and nutritional powder cans— our expertise is your advantage

We make about 500 million food cans and collect over 24,000 tonnes of recycled steel each year. Our four operations give you supply chain assurance, allowing flexibility, greater reliability, and faster speed-to-market for businesses of all sizes. 

To meet strict specification requirements, food cans contain around 10% recycled material. Once used, the cans are almost 100% recyclable. The recycled steel from our cans can be made into things like washing machines, automotive parts and kitchen wares.

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Food cans for every category 

Our food can capabilities cover a wide range of categories including pet food, processed food, soups and sauces, infant formula and powdered beverages, dairy products and coffee brands. Our cans are expertly designed to preserve flavour,
quality, and nutritional value from the moment they're packaged.

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Investing to make our cans better

From easy open ring-pull ends to make cans more convenient, to improved capabilities to make cans lighter yet more durable, we're constantly looking for innovative ways to package your product. Our recent food can investments increase our capacity, so we can produce more cans locally and meet your growth ambitions.  


Easy open ring-pull can ends

We have a range of certifications that attest to the integrity of our operations and ongoing commitment to product and service excellence. View our current certificates for specific standards

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