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CDS Vic Fundraising

Make donations count

Your charity, school, community group, non-for-profit, sporting club or educational and environmental organisation can apply to become a registered donation partner as part of CDS Vic. As a registered donation partner you can receive donations from members of the community when they return their eligible drink containers.

Start fundraising with Visy


Step 1: Register through CDS Vic to become a donation partner and receive a Donation Partner ID.

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Step 2: With your Donation Partner ID, sign up to become an eligible CDS Vic North donation partner with Visy to start receiving fundraising in the North Zone. 

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Step 3: We'll notify you once your details are verified, and you're ready to go! You can share your Donation Partner ID (or barcode) to start fundraising or use the CDS Vic North app to search for your organisation. 

Refunds from eligible drink containers can then be donated to your organisation by your supporters and members of the community.