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Visy Automation and technology systems

Our automation and technology promote efficiency, productivity and safety to transform your operations

From optimising your packaging and supply chain model to bespoke, integrated, end-to-end automation and technology solutions, we can help you operate more efficiently and simply. But we can go beyond this by integrating our solution with the rest of your supply chain— supplying packaging and equipment— to optimise your operations. Then, complete your packaging process with printing and labelling options that offer better identification, security and traceability for your products. 

Across our 11 automation and technology systems sites, we provide total automation and technology solutions—installation, maintenance and on-going customer support. Our team is never far away, with over 60% of our field service work conducted outside of major cities.

We also partner with a range of international automation technology partners who add the latest global insight and expertise.

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From high-speed robotic palletiser and depalletisers to de-strapping and automatic magazine loading, our range of robots will boost your efficiency. With a fast payback period, they are energy efficient and can work independently. Companies both big and small are increasing production capacity and reducing costs by using our simple-to-program, easy-to-install and flexible robots.

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Erecting capabilities

Our erectors can quickly, safely and accurately erect a range of packaging types, including cartons, punnets and trays. They integrate well with packaging lines and manual or robotic loading stations. We work with a range of global technology partners to bring you a machine that suits your needs. 

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Marking and labelling

From small single-task printers to fully integrated end-of-line solutions, our technology, systems and supplies for product marking applications will satisfy your identification systems, printing and labelling requirements. We also have equipment and consumable solutions for marking variable data fields, texts and barcodes on bottles, cartons, flexibles, industrial metals, timber and plastics.

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Individually-sized boxes on demand

Packsize enabled by Visy specialises in on-demand packaging solutions. Our custom-designed packaging solutions, use state-of-the-art technology to optimise packaging processes for businesses across diverse sectors. Our tailored packaging solutions reduce waste and increase cost-effectiveness making us a trusted partner for efficient and more sustainable packaging.

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