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Capabilities and Formats

From infant formula to baked beans and pet food —our capability meets your need

Canning food locks in flavour, quality and nutritional value. Our full coil-to-can, integrated manufacturing allows us to cut and coat steel, print and manage pre-press and make and source a full range of food cans and nutritional powder cans. We partner with you to select the size, ​shape and end formats to suit your product.

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food cans

Our Visy food cans accommodate a wide range of products including:

Food Can Pet Food Icon

Pet food 


Food Can Fruit & Veg Icon

Processed fruit and vegetables


Infant formula and nutritional supplements


Dried and powdered beverages

Food Can Meat & Fish Icon

Processed fish and meats

Food Can Dairy Icon

Canned dairy products

Extensive food can range

3 Piece Food Can

Three-piece cans

Three-piece cans consist of a welded body, a fixed sanitary end and a loose end applied by the can filler. We offer three piece cans with and without beading on the side.

There are different height options available in each standard can size.   

We offer our own integrated lithographic printing, or can sell plain silver cans for subsequent paper labelling.

3 Piece Necked In Food Can

Necked-in cans

By “necking-in” the top, these cans can be easily stacked, offering significant benefits that include; reduced costs in transport, storage and handling of products.

This feature also ensures that the product can be easily displayed on-shelf, making storage at home more convenient for consumers. 

Tapered Can

Tapered cans

Traditional tapered cans with an open format, available in three different heights.

Baby Formula

Infant formula

Our comprehensive packaging solutions for the nutritional powder market includes; cans, ends, over-caps, scoops, tubs and outer cartons.

The range is robust, strong and highly protective – designed to store infant formula safely and securely.

Easy Open End

Easy open ends

Easy-open ends are available in a wide range, ensuring convenience for consumers and a safer-to-use, tamper-evident product.

We have decorative lithographic solutions for printed ends which maximise brand impact.

Sanitary End

Sanitary ends

We offer a range of sizes and specific rectangular format tapered cans.

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