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Visy Beverage cans

Our beverage cans can be recycled again and again— our expertise delivers the best possible can for your product

If you’ve taken a sip from a can recently, chances are it was made by Visy. Each year, we turn nearly 18,000 tonnes of aluminium into 2.4 billion beverage cans. Our network of five cutting-edge facilities cover the full spectrum of services—from market leading design and innovation to high-speed manufacturing. We’re investing in state-of-the-art upgrades to increase capacity and offer greater choice in style and design. 

Drinks in cans are cost effective and travel long distances, while protecting your product. Aluminium has the potential to be recycled over and over again, without losing strength or quality. We recycle over 6,000 tonnes of aluminium each year, making it an important part of our closed loop approach to manufacturing.

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High quality cans for all beverage types

We cover the full spectrum of the beverage industry including carbonated soft drinks, beer and cider, alcoholic ready-to-drink, energy drinks and coffee. Proudly crafting cans in various sizes—classic, slim and sleek—we ensure a premium product that stands out and caters to your customers' needs. 

To learn more about our beverage can range, download our beverage can range guide and brochure. 



New Sleek beverage can product range

Our latest investment in our Smithfield facility in New South Wales opens new Sleek beverage canning lines, helping to broaden and elevate your brand's product range. 

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Print and design

Our selection of inks, finishes and custom ends help make your brand stand out. Our custom and premium print options are great for seasonal campaigns and enhancing your brand's packaging. Our local, state-of-the-art digital printing provides greater print flexibility, reliability and shorter lead times.


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