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Projects and investments Smithfield beverage can upgrade

Our $88m investment doubles our output, securing local can manufacturing in Australia

We’ve doubled the capacity at our Smithfield beverage can manufacturing site to 1.2 billion cans annually thanks to an $88 million investment. 

With increased capacity and technology, Visy has secured local manufacturing of beverage cans, ensuring that no cans need to be imported. Producing over 3 million cans a day, this upgrade shortens supply chains and builds domestic sovereign manufacturing capability.

Beverage cans on conveyor belt

For the first time, Visy will manufacture its slender can design, called ‘sleek’— for popular health and wellness beverage brands—in Australia. The upgrade also increases the number of other can styles the site can manufacture—reducing the need to transport them from interstate. The new swing line gives improved scale and choice with a range of Sleek and Classic can sizes to choose from, all locally made.  

We are making aluminium cans with up to 75% recycled content. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, and new beverage cans made with recycled materials use less energy and greenhouse gas emissions in addition to reducing waste to landfill.  We have reciprocal arrangements with our supplier to recycle aluminium cans back into new cans made with recycled content.  

The upgrade created 31 ongoing jobs.