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Help us reshape tomorrow through recycling and resource recovery, for a sustainable future

By recycling right, you can help us turn your recycling into new products. Watch the below video outlining recycling tips for your household recycling. 

Recycling resources

Sorted household recycling

Household Recycling Guide

Learn more about what can and cannot be placed in your household recycling bin. 

View and download below:

Pile of cardboard recycling

Cardboard and paper drop-off 

Do you have large quantities of paper and cardboard recycling? Drop them off at select Visy locations around Australia. 

View and download below:

Partnering with Cool Org is a not-for-profit education organisation focused on sustainability. Established in 2008, their mandate is to provide current and future generations with relevant and engaging information about the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

They cover all levels of education from providing schools with relevant and engaging information on recycling best practice to offering accredited professional development courses.

Visy have partnered with since 2017 to provide curriculum resources for early learning, primary and secondary teachers and educators across the country.

For more information on the Visy education and partnership with Cool Org download our information sheet: 

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