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Visy Logistics

Visy Logistics, your gateway to global, sustainable and technology-driven supply chain solutions

Our global presence, advanced technology, manufacturing credentials and unwavering commitment to sustainability make us your top choice for all your freight, intermodal, and warehousing needs. With a vast global footprint, we seamlessly connect businesses worldwide, ensuring efficient and environmentally responsible logistics solutions. Our dedication to innovation and digital expertise allows us to tailor-make solutions that precisely fit your unique supply chain requirements. Whether you require streamlined freight management, optimised intermodal solutions, or secure warehousing services, Visy Logistics has you covered, ensuring your business operates at peak efficiency in today's dynamic market.

Visy - Scale and numbers matter:


Supported by Visy global procurement scale:


Leverage Visy's substantial spend to deliver competitive advantage

Gain access to an extensive network of top-tier global suppliers

Scale and management

By harnessing our expertise, our customers unlock access to remarkable scale and substantial purchasing power, yielding cost-efficient solutions to their logistics and supply chain needs.

Innovation and technology

Technology serves as the cornerstone of our operations, driving our commitment to excellence. Our team is dedicated to pioneering innovation, digital technology, automation, advanced analytics, and supply chain modelling to consistently elevate our services. Recognising the critical role of efficient and optimised supply chains in achieving business success, we stand ready to deliver fully customised end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to your business’ needs.

Advanced digital infrastructure

  • Experience in operating AGVs, Logistics automation for JIT loading and unloading manufacturing and production lines, and Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
  • True end to end Logistics in house capability utilising owned High Productivity assets

Digital systems and platforms

  • Global, including in country, real time product tracking with integrated customer portals and advance shipment alerts
  • Fully integrated Cargo, Warehouse and Transport Management Systems with advanced planning and optimisation tools

Knowledge and resources

  • Highly skilled central team to focus on innovation, digital technology, automation, analytics and supply chain modelling
Sustainability Icon

We work hard to maintain a culture of best practice safety, including ongoing improvement of all safety systems and processes.

Chain of Responsibility

Global Icon

Our expert team, advanced technology, and innovative strategies work in unison to optimise your processes, reduce downtime, and amplify productivity levels. 

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Project management
Using best practice project management methodologies, we closely define goals, scope of work and expectations for all projects to ensure we deliver optimal results.

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Procurement scale
Gain access to impressive scale and substantial purchasing power, resulting in highly cost-effective solutions. ​

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