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Frequently asked questions

When does Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme Launch?
The scheme will start across Victoria on 1 November 2023 and be made up of more than 600 refund points when fully implemented by August 2024.

Can I start collecting containers now to get ready for 1 November?
No, eligible containers should not be collected for redemption until the scheme starts. In the meantime, you should continue to recycle drink containers in your kerbside recycling bin, or when you are ‘on the go’, use public recycling bins located at parks, or shopping areas etc.

Can I take containers from someone else’s kerbside bin?
No. Councils prohibit people from removing rubbish from a bin. Breaking the local law may result in a fine, particularly if rubbish or litter is left around a bin after it has been foraged.

Why are some drink containers eligible for a refund and some aren’t?
The containers that are eligible for a refund are those that are most commonly found as litter in our streets, beaches, waterways, and parks across Victoria. They are the type of drink containers you might consume ‘on the go’ when you are outside, or away from home.

What is a refund point?
A refund point is a collection place where you can return your eligible containers and get your refund. 

There are different types of refund points: reverse vending machines (like the reverse vending machine in supermarket car parks), depots, over-the-counter sites, and other types of local collections.

What are vouchers?
When you use a reverse vending machine to return your containers, you can use the options on the touchscreen to have it print out a voucher for the full refund amount. You also have the option to access an eVoucher when you use the CDS Vic North app when returning your containers.

A voucher or eVoucher can then be spent on purchases in-store, or exchanged for cash, at participating retailers.

Please contact us at if you have any other questions.