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Project Forwarding

Efficiently and creatively solving any unique cargo challenge

No transport challenge is too big, or too small. With a wealth of global experience and highly effective teams, Visy Logistics can safely, efficiently and creatively solve your unique cargo challenge.

Our personalised approach ensures you receive fully scoped and project-managed transport solutions that deliver your goods safely, on time and within budget. Regardless of complexity, size, or weight, Visy Logistics manages your cargo with care and precision.

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1. Knowledge and Experience

With our experiential learning and knowledge, we are a qualified player in the project forwarding business. Our strategic investments and partnerships in global networks enable us to deliver seamless and efficient transportation solutions for your most complex and demanding projects. Trust in our capabilities to handle your cargo safely with precision and professionalism, ensuring successful project execution every step of the way.

  • Consultation and support
  • Quality


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2. Insurance and Marine Warranty Survey (MWS)

At Visy Logistics we have extensive expertise in Marine Warranty Services, we are your trusted partner for ensuring the safe and efficient execution of high-value marine and offshore operations. We offer access to Marine Warranty Surveyors to provide independent third-party assessment and approval, giving you the confidence that your projects will be carried out with the utmost professionalism and compliance with industry standards.

  • Transport optimisation planners
  • Lashing optimisation
  • Packing standards
  • Schedule adherence
  • Load optimisation

3. Commercial Value Add

Experience the advantages of cost-effective solutions through our exceptional proficiency in commercial scoping and management at Visy Logistics. We surpass the ordinary by providing comprehensive end-to-end visibility throughout your project's journey. Our committed team of consultants delivers invaluable guidance, optimising your strategies to ensure unwavering success and efficiency at every critical juncture.

  • Visy procurement
  • Build Run RepairTM vendor expediting (production/packing/shipping schedule)
  • Visy Property
  • Visy Legal/Trusted marine partner

4. Carrier Management

Visy Logistics offers comprehensive Carrier Management services, ensuring efficiency and reliability throughout your supply chain. Our experienced team provides detailed method statements for cargo operations, prioritising safety and quality controls. With streamlined booking management, secure timely reservations and allocation of the right carriers, reducing lead times. Efficient detention management minimises costs and delays, while our commitment to schedule adherence ensures smooth operations.

  • Method of statement
  • Detention management
  • Booking management
  • Schedule adherence

5. Project Management and Delivery

Visy Logistics excels in end-to-end project management and delivery, covering pre and post-carriage management, permits, documentation, and tariff handling. From feasibility studies to execution, our meticulous approach ensures efficiency, compliance, and timely execution, guaranteeing successful cargo journeys for our clients.

  • Project milestones     
  • Documentation
  • Permits & authorities
  • Duty exemptions
  • Pre-carriage management
  • Tariff selection
  • Post-carriage management

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