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At Visy, our extensive range of innovative and sustainable packaging meets our customers' needs

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Automation and Technology Systems

Our automation and technology promote efficiency, productivity and safety to transform your operations.


Beverage cans

Our beverage cans can be recycled again and again— our expertise delivers the best possible can for your product.


Cardboard boxes

Visy is Australasia’s leading manufacturer of recycled corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging.


Food cans

We make over 90% of all Australian-made food and nutritional powder cans— our expertise is your advantage.



Australia and New Zealand's largest manufacturer of recycled glass bottles and jars. Our commitment to better glass production—including our 70% recycled glass content target—provides clear benefits for our most loved food and beverage brands.

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Packaging supplies

Your one-stop shop for high quality packaging supplies and consumables to protect your product.



Leading the plastics industry with Australia's first food grade recycled plastics facility. Visy offers unmatched scale and capability with proven expertise and state-of-the-art facilities.


Point of sale displays

Our eye-catching point of sale displays drive product recognition and retail sales for your brand.


Retail services

Your trusted supplier and distributor of moving and storage boxes, major brand hardware and retail products.

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