We have created a new online game to help children and adults alike learn what can go in their household recycling bin. 

Everyday household items are thrown onto the screen for users to swipe, sending them to the recycling bin if they are recyclable. For every correct swipe the user earns 10 points.  

The game—Put a grin on your recycling bin—is a fun way to remind Australians that bagged recycling, soft plastics and batteries are among common forms of contamination that shouldn’t go in household recycling bins. Swipe three times on items that can’t be recycled and you’re out! 

Australians are enthusiastic recyclers and want to do the right thing. But sometimes life gets busy and we can forget what can be recycled through our kerbside recycling bins. 

Our new game is a fun and interactive reminder of what they can recycle at home. 

The game is available on our website and we are making it available to everyone.

We launched the game at this year’s Coffs Harbour Waste Conference, held last week.  

Play the game now.