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Projects and investments Smithfield rPlastics upgrade

Major investment in Australia's largest plastic remanufacturing facility secures Australian-first recycling

Our $29m multi-state investment will boost local mixed plastics recovery and re-manufacture by 75%. 

It includes a $19 million investment in processing facilities at our Smithfield recycled plastics facility. The upgrade gives Australia food grade plastic recycling capability for the first time. It'll help us divert up to 38,000 tonnes of plastics from going to landfill or being exported overseas each year, the equivalent of 1.9 billion plastic bottles.

We process sorted plastics into recycled food-grade flakes and pellets to be used for re-manufacture back into packaging. This includes Australia’s first milk bottle made with 50% recycled plastic, as well as, being able to recycle food grade PET trays and coloured PET plastic packaging.

Our Smithfield recycled plastics facility is supported by new sorting technology at our material recovery facilities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland which provide better sorting of household kerbside plastics.

Plastic bales ready for recycling

Australia's first 50% recycled content milk bottle on 9News

The major investments to our Smithfield facility has allowed us to create Australia's first milk bottle made from 50% recycled content. 

We showed 9News around the facility making that happen.