Visy's Enviropunnets™ are a fibre-based fruit and produce packaging that's fully recyclable.

In direct response to industry and consumer demand for greater options in sustainable packaging, our fruit and product experts created Visy's Enviropunnets,™ a range of cardboard-based punnets that eliminate the need for plastic wrap. 

Locally manufactured from recycled corrugated cardboard, they are a fully recyclable, reusable and low-cost packaging solution. Available in a range of packaging formats to suit your needs. 

  • 100% fibre-pack formats
  • Can be FSC® (FSC C008345) certified​
  • Manual or automated solutions​
  • Premium print options​
  • Pre-pack formats available​
  • Grab and go handle options​
  • Resealable options​
  • Off the shelf and custom formats​
  • Sleeve options​

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