Jen plays a critical role ensuring the IT software and systems that underpin Visy’s manufacturing operations run seamlessly.   

As a SAP Junior Business Analyst for our manufacturing operations, Jen looks after software for our manufacturing procurement, inventory and warehouse management. She supports our operations teams to use SAP (software to manage operations and customer service) effectively.  

She started with Visy 10 years ago, providing IT support from Manilla, Philippines. She then transferred to our team in Singapore.  

“I wanted to progress my career further, so I pinpointed training in SAP as my next professional goal—Visy supported me to do this.”  

Her ambition and initiative paid off when she was promoted to Junior Business Analyst in 2023.  

Her colleagues say she has quickly proven her mettle and shown an exceptional ability to grasp complex business processes.   

In 2024, Jen’s dedication and expertise were recognised when she was awarded the Women in SAP scholarship, granting her the opportunity to attend the Mastering SAP conference in Melbourne, Australia.   

“I am excited with the scholarship I won from the Mastering SAP community recently.  This will help in giving me wings to explore the complex world of different modules in Visy SAP. I can gather expertise and share this knowledge with anyone who wants to use SAP.”  

Jen says her desire for career progression—and her ability to achieve it—is one of the key things she likes about working at Visy.  

“If you are not the one who looks at the waves standing at the shore, but the one who likes to ride the waves of the ocean and gain wisdom and knowledge to come out with flying colours in the world of enterprise resource planning, you are made for Visy.”