Mahmoud Elkhafir, Visy’s Operations Manager at its board site in Coolaroo, in Melbourne’s north says he is paying forward the success he’s had in the business.

Starting as a quality technician 12 years ago, Mahmoud has worked across packaging design, scheduling, and customer service, before recently being appointed as an Operations Manager at Visy’s manufacturing hub in Coolaroo. 

“I’ve worked hard and been rewarded for it through new opportunities and roles. I want to provide the same opportunities I’ve had. It’s so important to give people something to work towards.” 

"The foundation of Visy over the last 12 years has given me clarity as to what my vision looks like going forward for Visy Board Coolaroo.”

“When people come from the factory floor to management, they already know the issues. Knowing that if you work hard and do your job well, you can go somewhere with Visy.”

In his management roles, he’s worked hard to build a strong culture, which is now paying dividends. 

“Because we work so well together, we don’t have any problems raising an issue or talking about how we can do things better because we’ve got trust and communication.” 


In brief: Mahmoud’s career at Visy so far

2011 – Quality Technician 

2016 – Packaging Designer 

2018 – New Work / Design and Scheduling Manager 

2019 – Customer Service / New Work and Scheduling Manager

2021 – Technical and Quality Manager

2023 – Operations Manager