Will Reed’s passion for sustainability and renewable energy led him to apply for the role at Visy. He says there needs to be more innovation to help Australia reuse and recycle more material to support a growing population.

“Visy is at the forefront of this.”  

Will has been with Visy for two years and manages its plasterboard liner (PBL) accounts across Australia, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality paper for their plasterboard products. 

“Due to the highly technical nature of the product, I work through any issues that may arise during PBL conversion, as well as delivering cost-saving initiatives that benefit our customers.”  

He likes the diversity of his work and the opportunities available at Visy.  

“I enjoy talking to customers and building relationships with them so that when it comes to problem-solving and executing projects everything can run as seamlessly as possible.”

A recent highlight was a project he led to replace polystyrene sheets with Visy-made corrugated board used to line pallets for a customer’s cornice product.  

“I was really pleased to help my customer achieve their sustainability targets by eliminating polystyrene with a recyclable product.”  

He says his team is small but knowledgeable. He works independently on day-to-day tasks and projects, but there are always moments to be collaborative.  

“We support one another. Visy throws you into the deep end with floaties. The support is always there but there is a lot to learn and quickly.”  

He recommends new employees stay open minded, dedicated and willing to learn from feedback.  

“As with any job, the first couple of months can be scary but the support network at Visy really helps.”