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Projects and investments Australia's first drum pulper

Australia's first drum pulper in Coolaroo is the most advanced paper recycling technology in Australia

Throw your pizza boxes into your kerbside recycling bins— we can recycle all of Victoria's paper and cardboard, in Victoria.

Installing Australia’s first drum pulper at our Coolaroo facility has made it the nation’s most advanced paper recycling technology. We doubled our recycling capability by up to 95,000 tonnes per year to 180,000 tonnes, the equivalent of approximately 400 Olympic swimming pools of paper and cardboard.

Drum pulper

The design of the drum pulper means we can save an extra 34 kilograms of paper and cardboard, for every household in Victoria, from being exported or sent to landfill.

It lays lengthways, as opposed to traditional pulpers which sit upright. Traditional pulpers slash paper and cardboard like a barmix but the drum pulper acts like a ‘slushy machine’. By pulping as it turns, it is gentler on paper fibres allowing for more fibre recovery.

It removes contaminants, like plastics and other rubbish, before being fed into our co-located paper mill. The 100% recycled paper from the pulper will be manufactured back into corrugated packaging for pizza boxes, the agricultural sector and some of our favourite food and beverage brands.

We created over 100 jobs during its construction and three new ongoing jobs. The $42.5million investment was made possible by co-investment from the Victorian and Federal Governments through the Victorian Circular Economy Recycling Modernisation Fund.

Recycling all of Australia's kerbside paper

Our drum pulper ensures that all Victorian mixed paper and cardboard can be recycled and remanufactured in Victoria. Along with our Gibson Island materials recovery facility, we can recycle every piece of kerbside paper and cardboard in Australia into new packaging products.

The Federal Government’s Waste Export Ban for cardboard and mixed paper is scheduled to come into place on 1 July 2024.

Drone shot of recycling facility

Video: construction of the drum pulper in Coolaroo

Project milestones