Visy is installing a new stacker reclaimer at our Pulp and Paper mill in Tumut. The project will increase the current capacity of the wood yard storage from 18,000 tonnes of pulp log and wood chip, to 105,000 tonnes. 

“Beyond more than quadrupling our wood chip storage capacity, the RST360-24 will allow for more efficient handling and storage of wood chips, saving Tumut more than one million dollars in prime material every year,” explained Johan Stoltz, General Manager VPP Tumut Mill. 

“We will be able to increase the wood chip storage retention time from five days to more than 20 days, further minimising the risk associated will slow deliveries from forest plantations in extreme weather conditions.”

“The new infrastructure also allows us to provide more uniform wood pulping and pulp quality to the paper machines, increasing our efficiency and quality,” said Gary le Roux, Senior Project Engineer, Visy Build Run Repair (BRR).

The project implementation has taken place in two stages, with stage one successfully completed during the Tumut's Maintenance Shut Down in October 2020.

Stage two is currently underway and includes large bulk earthworks, civil construction, mechanical pre-erection and electrical works. This stage is expected to be completed late August or early September for commissioning.