Haley says she's always had a passion for trucks and always wanted to give it a go. She'd dreamt of the day she would be in a brand new truck and trailer, seeing new places around New Zealand. She finally got the chance when she joined Visy in September 2022.

Background: my hometown is peaceful and quiet

My normal day starts at 5.30am, I usually head straight to Auckland—the truck loaded up the evening before. Once delivered I help around Auckland doing shuttles or whatever needs doing for a few hours, before collecting a south load and heading down to Hamilton (it’s about a 1.5 hour trip, one way). There I will unload and reload again for the next day, before going home.

I live in a small town called Waihou which is near Te Aroha. It’s very peaceful and quiet, just what I need after a full day in Auckland. It’s also very handy as we do local loads to places not too far from where I live, making delivery easy and early for customers. 

A funny story: all of the forklift drivers were watching

I always look at an online map of places I haven't been before I attempt to take my truck there. There are still occasions where I have been told its fine with a trailer when it definitely is not! I’ve had to reverse out of some interesting situations, however these challenges only make me a better driver. 

On one occasion I was warned not to take my trailer, however I could not find a single side street to leave it. I called the customer, explained this, and they told me it was tight but, depending on how good of a driver I was, I could get in and out or not. I got to the site, and got in and out in one go in less than a few minutes. All of the forklift drivers were watching, and six people came in out of the office one by one, looking at me and my truck then going back inside in shock. 

As much as these things cause me a great deal of stress at the time, I am now confident I can get myself out of most situations.

Best part of the job: I love being in my truck

I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given and also trusted with a brand new truck. I enjoy the loads we carry and loading out of Visy sites. I love being on my own in my truck and just doing my job, it makes me happy. 

There's never been a better time to join Haley on the road

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Image description: A woman in a high-vis shirt with a pink safety hard hat and dark sunglasses stands in front of a blue Visy-branded truck.