An almost total rebuild of Visy’s Auckland material recovery facility and installation of new sorting technology, has seen an increase of capacity by 30%.

The facility is now equipped for precise and comprehensive sorting, strengthening recycling in the region. It allows us to create higher quality output and capture more resources from New Zealand’s mixed household recycling.

The significant investment and the efforts of the Visy Recycling team has resulted in a highly successful upgrade said Nick Baker, General Manager.

“An incredible effort from our team has resulted in on-time delivery and an excellent standard of operation. The team continues to fine-tune the new kit and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in a critical timeframe.”

The $NZ16 million upgrade, which took over eight weeks, was made possible with the support of Auckland Council and the Ministry for the Environment.

Earlier this month the Associate Minister for the Environment, Rachel Brooking and representatives from Auckland Council visited the facility to inspect the new equipment.