Visy’s collection and refund points for Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme, known as CDS Vic, went live today, ready to reward Victorians for their recycling efforts.  

CDS Vic was formally launched today by Minister for Environment, Steve Dimopoulos. It will reward Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible drink can, carton and bottle they return. 

“We want the community to make their containers count” said Visy’s General Manager of Container Schemes, Tim O’Donnell.  

“We’re ready to start rewarding Victorians across our network of Reverse Vending Machines, Over-the-Counter refund points and collection depots. 

“We know Victorians are passionate about recycling, so we’re pleased to support another way for them to recycle, reducing litter and helping the environment.  

Visy is the Zone Operator for CDS Vic’s North Zone. Visy is running the collection and refund points across the Loddon, Mallee and Hume regions, as well as the inner north and eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Community members can find their nearest refund point through the CDS Vic North app for iOS or Android, or online

Local businesses and not for profits can still join our network of over-the-counter refund points and collection depots for Victorians to return their eligible drink containers.  

Find out more about our role in CDS Vic.