Judah— a graduate in our glass manufacturing facility in Auckland—says he joined Visy because of our “stellar reputation for innovation and commitment to sustainability”. Since joining he’s been able to build his problem-solving, project management and collaboration skills and experience. 

“The opportunities for growth and development are fantastic, and I love being constantly challenged and given the chance to learn new skills.” 

“With the mentorship and guidance provided, I was confident that I could develop myself and find my place within the company.” 

But it’s the culture of team work Judah values more than anything else. 

“What I appreciate the most is the incredible sense of camaraderie among my colleagues as everyone here is not only highly skilled and dedicated to their work, but they also create a warm and supportive environment that makes coming to work a pleasure.” 

Alongside his team, he’s been able to apply his knowledge and skills on a range of projects. 

“Working on projects such as installing a machine cooling fan, and overseeing the removal and cleaning of a warehouse have been both challenging and rewarding.” 

“I am looking forward to supporting and managing several new projects, including repairing the recycled glass cullet silo and assisting the line manager so I can work more directly in the manufacturing process.” 

These projects and the people he’s worked with have given Judah a rich experience so far at Visy. 

“My role at Visy Glass has given me the chance to be a part of something greater and personally it is also enriching my professional development and career.” 

“If you get the opportunity to join Visy, I highly recommend you seize the opportunity. Visy offers great prospects for any individual to grow and develop their skills while also constantly challenging themselves.”