Aubrey and Tyson are our newest paper machine trainees at our paper mill in Tumut, New South Wales.   

They will be operating the winder machine that cuts the jumbo paper reels into the size requested by the customer. This process is known as reel finishing to ensure the paper is presented to the highest possible standard for the customer.   

We’ve spent a month in our training hub in Tumut and then two weeks working across the different day shifts, says Aubrey.   

“Tyson and I were part of the new training program in the training centre to test it out and see how it helps. I believe this project worked really well and gave me great insight into the work before heading out to the mill.”  

Both trainees enjoy the practical nature of the work and Tyson says the work balance at Visy is really good.   

“I enjoy being able to get hands on, while also learning about the steps in paper making.”  

While Aubrey says he really enjoys the support from the team.   

“The team is great at Visy, all supportive. If you need help with anything there's always people, there who will help you. Everyone is there to help you.”  

“At Visy I feel as though I'm contributed to something and that I'm an important part of the team.”  

Both trainees praised the team at the training centre.   

“The team at Visy is really good. They do not leave anyone behind, and everyone is always full of energy. Huge shoutout to [Training Coordinators] Craig and Rob for training everyone.”  

Aubrey and Tyson are looking forward to finishing their training and experiencing more of the paper mill.   

“I’m looking forward to the new learning opportunities out at the mill, and I look forward to deepening my understanding of the paper industry,” says Tyson.   

While they have been at Visy, they have been out promoting the training program they are a part of to the local community at the Tumut careers expo.   

“The careers expo helps spread information about businesses to kids still in school so they can get a good idea about what they want to do after school,” says Tyson.   

When asked about whether to join Visy, Aubrey says to go for it because there are lots of options at Visy.  

“I would say do it. If you start early, you can have your future setup within a few years. There are also different routes to take—you can work your way up to management and beyond or if that is not for you, you can take up HR, logistics or a financial position. There is plenty of different jobs and careers within Visy.”