Shaina joined us last year as a process worker at our board site in O’Connor, Western Australia. 

“I decided to join Visy because there are lots of different opportunities for career progression.” 

“I’m really excited to be able to start stepping into bigger roles with the opportunity of being an operator on the horizon.” 

Her current role includes stacking, setting and feeding the cardboard into the lines to make boxes and other types of cardboard packaging.  

While at Visy, she’s learnt a lot about being customer focused.  

“I have been involved in the launch of a new “hard rated” line for a beverage customer. It was interesting to see how the team handle developing a process to get the product looking its best and being able to see how it worked on the customer’s end.” 

She thinks career progression and the amazing work culture are great reasons to work at Visy.  

“I enjoy working at Visy because my work colleges and supervisors are fantastic.” 

“The team is very welcoming and willing to assist and help out at all times.”