As a student, Kiana Majerczak was interested in the processing and repurposing of waste into useful products. She visited Visy’s integrated materials recovery facility and paper mill on Gibson Island in second year university.  

 “I saw that it was a place that I could definitely be excited about working at.”  

Kiana is now an Energy Engineer at our Gibson Island site, responsible for the multifuel boiler which supplies steam for the drying process in the recycled paper mill. She ensures the safe and reliable operation of the boiler, steam turbine and fuel preparation plant.  

She enjoys problem solving on the job.  

“I get exposed to so many unique problems as the waste to energy space is still very much growing in Australia. It can be difficult as there isn't always a precedent to the challenges we are facing but it's engaging and rewarding.”  

One of those challenges was the upgrade to the boiler in 2023.  

“The upgrade has allowed us to utilise paper machine rejects as boiler fuel. By doing this, we avoid sending it to landfill and we have also greatly reduced our traditional fuel consumption.”  

This year Kiana is focused on improving their processes and ensuring the boiler runs as efficiently as possible.